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As responsible breeders, we want the very best, loving homes for our cat and kittens, regardless of whehter they are pet, breeder, or show quality.

We will not sell to just anyone that has the funds to purchase a cat/kitten. We will conduct interviews to best match the right cat/kitten, with the right owner/family. We also have the right to turn anyone away that we think is not a suitable match.

Our kittens will be vet checked and have updated vaccinations. They also will come with a strict contract, which states that pet kittens have to be spayed/neutered, and there will be NO exceptions. If the purchaser would rather the cat/kitten be spayed/neutered before they leave here, we will be more than happy to accommodate, which the cost of spaying/neutering an additional fee to the cost of the cat/kitten.

From time to time, we will have retirees available to very loving homes. When we have retirees, there is nothing wrong with these cats, it just means that we are responsible breeders, that want to keep our numbers down, which is the best thing to do, for us and the cats. These cats are up to date on their vaccinations, will be vet checked and will be spayed/neutered before they leave here. Again, there will be NO exceptions. These cats deserve to live their lives out, being very pampered and spoiled cats.

If you're interested in one of our available kittens or adults, please fill out our Inquiry Form.

Updated September 14, 2016 - New photos coming soon of kitties available! I have young adults & retired adults looking for new laps to cuddle on! Some already spayed/neutered!!

Born August 12, 2016. Very pretty Black & White Exotic Longhair Male.

Born August 12, 2016. Darling Red & White Exotic Longhair Female.

Born August 12, 2016. Super cute Red & White Exotic Shorthair Male.

Born August 19, 2016. Beautiful Cream & White Exotic Longhair Male #1.

Born August 19, 2016. Sweet Cream & White Exotic Longhair Male #2.

Born August 19, 2016. Adorable Cream & White Exotic Longhair Male #3.

Born August 19, 2016. Beautiful Cream & White Exotic Longhair Female.

Born May 10, 2015. Beautiful Solid Cream Longhair Male - available now.

Born May 10, 2015. Blue-Cream Exotic Shorthair Female - available now. I just LOVE this girl!! She is "Miss Personality Plus!"

Born 2010. Cream Point Exotic male - available for adoption.

Sophia is a very pretty Tortoiseshell Exotic Shorthair girl! She is available to a loving retirement pet home. She was born August 3, 2007.

This pretty Exotic Shorthair male is available for adoption. He is already neutered and was born October 5, 2010. He is really a very pretty boy, huge eyes, but very shy - but that can be overcome with time. His one front leg is a little but fatter than the others. My vet said it is a congenital condition (just born that way). He runs and plays just like any other cat! It doesn't bother him in the least. He is all ready for his new forever home. I am only asking a small adoption fee for him.

This is Olivia. She is a pretty Blue Exotic Shorthair. She is a young adult & is looking for her forever pet home!

I have several adults available for adoption -
both Himalayans and Exotics.

Please contact me for more details -
I would prefer not to ship these kitties.

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